Húsavík is at the heart of the Diamond Circle

Cape Hotel is your home on the Diamond Circle

Húsavík Cape Hotel is a unique family run hotel that sometimes feels more like a museum. The hotel is a part of the Explorers House building, above Húsavík harbour. The rooms and halls of Húsavík Cape Hotel feature local art, artifacts from famous explorers and expeditions and a library of folklore and adventure books. This is the perfect place to spend 3 to 4 days while exploring the wonders of the Diamond Circle and the Arctic Coast Way of North Iceland.

The Cape Hotel was founded by the Orlyson family, who also own and run a guesthouse in town, and who founded the Exploration Museum in Húsavík. The family has welcomed some of the world’s greatest explorers to Iceland over the last ten years, including 6 of the Apollo astronauts, who trained near Húsavík before their missions to the Moon. The annual Explorers Festival takes place at Cape Hotel.

Húsavík Cape Hotel is committed to local history and in our rooms and halls we tell stories of the strange in unique in our land and the people who build it.

To book your room, contact our booking office at info@husavikhotels.com

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